Adult Fidget Toys Vs. Children Fidget Toys

Fidgeting is small movements made to deal with restlessness or boredom, mostly with your hands and feet. Both adults and children may fidget a lot but don’t usually do it on purpose. 

Fidgeting helps adults and children remain focused when they’re not interested during a long lesson or work meeting. It can help people deal with distractions as well. Common reasons for fidgeting include anxiety, stress, hyperactivity, and attention problems. Kids with ADHD often fidget.

There is a small study that shares that fidgeting is the body’s way of trying to stay focused and suggests it’s just a sign of a wandering mind. 

Why Do Both Adults And Children Fidget?

Why do we fidget? Put into simpler terms, fidgeting is the body’s natural response to boredom, apprehension, anxiety, restlessness, frustration, ADHD, confusion, the inability to concentrate, or a combination of any of those. There is no age limit to fidgeting, as all ages deal with these conditions.

Fidgeting can look like this:

  • Bouncing legs
  • Playing with small objects
  • Playing with hair or fingers
  • Fiddling with jewelry
  • Blinking a lot
  • Tapping toes
  • Clicking pens

Today, psychological research suggests that fidgeting is the body’s way of expelling excess energy, giving the brain something to “focus on,” resulting in lower stress hormone cortisol levels. 

Wherever we need to soothe or stimulate ourselves, fidgeting is the body simply self-regulating to help increase or decrease attention levels.

Kando Toys for Any Age

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