How Can Fidget Toys Alleviate Anxiety?

The 21st century is filled with innovative technology, social media, and hurried lifestyles. There have been tremendous innovations in the 21st century that have created solutions to many problems humans face.

However, the 21st century has ushered in factors that have led to skyrocketing numbers in anxiety, particularly for Millennials and Generation Z.

Because anxiety is a crippling force for young people in our world, we must find remedies to fight back. Taking rest days, exercising, learning something new, and spending time with loved ones are all recommended ways to decrease anxiety.

However, there are moments when anxiety strikes unexpectedly and inconveniently. Time and time again, we have seen moments of anxiety alleviated through the use of fidget toys.

Benefits of Using a Fidget Toy for Anxiety

When anxiety strikes, it can feel impossible to suppress the emotions of fear and worry. Anxiety suppression can be counterproductive because, for anxiety to be eliminated, it must be uprooted rather than suppressed.

One way to uproot anxiety is through expending nervous energy. Fidgeting is a wonderful method to expend this energy, but you must know how to fidget in a healthy manner.

Fidgeting is our body’s natural response to soothing stress and anxiety. Humans tap our feet, bite our nails, click our pens, and twirl our hair to release unhealthy energy.

These patterns of humanity are natural, but they aren’t always healthy. Using a fidget toy to alleviate anxiety causes no physical side effects, while also giving a person an outlet to expend nervous energy.

Fidgeting can also distract you from unhealthy patterns of thought. Distractions often have a bad wrap, but distractions can often be the very thing you need to give your mind a break.

Our minds often have unhealthy patterns of thought, and these patterns can be broken with positive distractions. No matter what the anxiety-inducing thought maybe, fidgeting distracts your mind and helps you relax, if even for a moment.

Our Available Fidget Toys

There is a large variety of fidget toys available, but it’s important that you find a durable toy that you will love in times of stress. Our best-selling toy, The Moov Mini, offers infinite bending positions, 360 degrees of rotation, two soft-touch finger pads, and more.

You can carry it in your pocket or purse for stress relief on the go. Our creation of this fidget toy was intended to help everyday people who are looking for a way to release nervous energy.

Check out the Moov Mini for yourself, or consider gifting it to a loved one. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team!