How Do Fidget Toys Help with ADHD?

Toys hold a special place in our hearts from the time we were kids. Little did we know, while we were playing, we were developing our motor skills, learning cause-and-effect, and practicing problem-solving. We were nurturing our imagination and creativity.

We now understand more about the impact and benefits of toys than ever before. With science and ongoing research, it’s becoming more clear that certain toys, such as fidget toys, can help with mental and behavioral disorders.

Fidget toys are especially helpful for children (and adults) with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. Keep reading to learn more about ADHD and how fidget toys can help.

What is ADHD?

The American Psychiatric Association defines ADHD as one of the most common mental disorders affecting children, and one that affects many adults.

ADHD Symptoms Include:

  • Inattention – the inability to keep focus
  • Hyperactivity – having excess movement that doesn’t fit the setting
  • Impulsivity – acting hastily in the moment without thought

Psychiatrists typically diagnose ADHD as one of three types: inattentive type, hyperactive/impulsive type, or combined type.

What are fidget toys?

Fidget toys are pocket-sized gadgets that engage the mind and hands in repetitive and relaxing ways. There are endless types of fidget toys. They can spin, change shape, provide interesting textures, and more. Quite literally, they are toys that kids and adults alike can fidget with for fun and burn off anxious energy.

How Fidget Toys Can Help ADHD Symptoms

No matter the type of ADHD, fidget toys can help soothe the main symptoms.

Fidget Toys are an Outlet for Hyperactivity

Hyperactivity can become distracting and disruptive as kids or adults try to learn or focus. Having a toy on hand to fidget with can provide a necessary outlet to burn off some energy with little noise or distraction for others. They have become particularly helpful tools for kids in classrooms who need to fidget but can do so without distracting others.

Fidget Toys Cut Down on Distractions

Fidget toys can help the brain filter out distractions and excess sensory information. For someone with ADHD, it can feel like all the sights, sounds, and smells in the room are competing for their brain’s attention. Having a fidget toy on hand, allows the brain to engage in sensory activity that calms and distracts from the overload of sensory information in the environment.

Fidget Toys Can Improve Attention and Focus

A 2016 study found that more intense physical activity is associated with better cognitive control performance for children with ADHD. This revealed a relationship between motor activity and task performance. While the study didn’t employ fidget toys, they can provide a way for children with ADHD to have helpful motor activity in order to improve focus, attention, and learning.

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