How To Choose a Toy for an Anxious Child

We all have been anxious at one point in our life. Anxiety can be due to stress, a big event, a new workplace, or an unforeseen circumstance. 

It’s normal for children to feel anxious from time to time. Although for some children, anxiety affects how they live, including their behavior and thoughts every day—interfering with their school, home, and social life.

It’s important to find toys compatible with anxious children. These toys should bring them peace and ease. 

Help Relieve Anxiety

In a new article in JAMA Pediatrics, researchers from the Health Resources and Services Administration found that anxiety and depression in children ages 3-17 have increased over the last five years. 

With rising numbers of children navigating anxiety, it’s essential to help alleviate anxiety with the right kind of toys for them. How do you choose a toy for an anxious child? Here are some toy and activity ideas:

Set Up a Quiet Corner

Many children are over-stimulated, causing a great deal of anxiety. Setting up a quiet corner for them to do their own thing can be greatly beneficial. Let your child create their own cozy, quiet corner with a beanbag, blankets, a book, and music they love.

Create a calm space your kids can escape and get away from all the noise. A quiet corner allows children to practice self-observation with their thoughts and find peace. They will thank you for it.

Kinetic or Colored Sand

We know sand sounds messy, but kids love it! You can fill Tupperware with kinetic or colored sand so it can stay in a confined place. 

Sand is a great sensory activity and helps children use their hands to gain a peaceful here-and-now sensation. It could also remind children of the beach, which is often a place with great memories.

The Moov Mini 

Lastly, our Moov Mini at Kando is here to help your children start feeling better. Our colors are made-to-match with those on the autism spectrum and have been proven to induce calm and comfort while eliminating confusion, fidgeting, and frustration.

Our Moov Mini toy is shown to distract and deflect negative emotions, as well as increase concentration and boost test scores in schoolchildren. Personalized, playful, and pocket-perfect, there is a Moov Mini made just for your child. 

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