Moov Mini


Our colors are made-to-match those on the autism spectrum and have been proven to induce calm and comfort, while eliminating confusion, fidgeting, and frustration.


  • Relieves Stress
  • Quiet and Discreet
  • Calms Anxiety
  • Promotes Focus
  • Strongly Bonded and Durable

*Purchase 2 or more Moov Mini’s and get the price reduced to $14.98 each!

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Welcome to the wildly whimsical world of the new Moov Mini, where the ultimate fidget fix is in the palm of your hands!  This next-generation, take-anywhere, therapeutic toy was developed to reduce stress, beat boredom, banish brain fog, nix nerves, improve test scores of schoolchildren, and so much more!  You’re seconds away from a calm, clear state of mind!

Here’s how to get started:

Place toy between your index finger and thumb.

  • Gently press your index finger to rotate toy.
  • Play the anxiety away all day!
  • Each Moov Mini is constructed with these state-of-the art specifications:
  • 5 degrees of functional rotation
  • Angled design offers durable flexibility
  • 360 degrees of rotation for limitless, satisfying movement
  • Ergonomic design provides soft-touch finger pads for ultimate comfort and control

Your Moov Mini is quite magical, but it is NOT waterproof.  To keep your new Moov Mini working its best, please keep away from water.

About Moov Mini

Forget everything you were told about fidgeting.  Did you know fidgeting is the body’s natural response to boredom, apprehension, anxiety, restlessness, frustration, ADHD, confusion, the inability to concentrate, or a combination of any of the aforementioned? Conventional wisdom deemed fidgeting a negative behavioral disorder that needed to be quelled under all circumstances. Today, advanced psychological research suggests fidgeting is the body’s way of expelling excess energy, giving the brain something to “focus on,” and as a result, lowers levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.  Depending on whether we need to soothe or stimulate ourselves, fidgeting is the body simply self-regulating to help either increase or decrease attention levels.

The Moov Mini was developed with the collaboration of expert psychologists and child behavioral therapists for a truly on-trend, take-anywhere, therapeutic tool that could comfort, calm, quiet, and center – in seconds!  Designed for both adults and children on the autism spectrum or who possess other social and/or behavioral disorders, the Moov Mini has been shown to distract and deflect from negative emotions, as well as increase concentration and boost test scores in schoolchildren.  Available in four, fidget-friendly colors, including pink, purple, green, and blue, there is a Moov Mini made just for you.

Shipping and Returns


The Moov Mini ships FREE within the United States from our Yuma, AZ headquarters within 3 days of receipt of your order.

Return/Refund Policy:

Returning your MOOV MINI is simple.  Returns will be honored for damaged or defective products within 30 days of original delivery date.  If your MOOV MINI arrives damaged, please contact us within 10 business days and attach photo of the damage, if possible.  See carriers’ (UPS, USPS, FedEx) websites for updated information on filing claims for damaged packages.

If your MOOV MINI is defective, please contact us with 10 days of original delivery date for replacement order instructions.  PLEASE NOTE:  Customers are responsible for all shipping fees when returning defective product.  A full refund will NOT be honored without customer returning the original item at their expense. Once item is received by our office, a refund or replacement will be processed within 5-7 business days.

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